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Massive scandal in Albania. Match fixing comedy show [VIDEO]

4 years ago

Albiania has one of the most corrupted leagues in Europe, perhaps even in the world. But last week there was something „special”. Apparently, scoring a goal is not as easy as it seems to be!

The game between Flamurtari Vlorë and Teuta Durrës was close to end as a 1-1 draw. However, the referee gave long 5 minutes of extra time to change the score. They almost needed even more.

Teuta desperate attempts to lose the goal were stopped by their goalkeeper Alfred Osmani. And he just came in from the bench at the end of the first half.

„This is a disgrace in a country where we actually don’t have any rules in football. Credibility of the league is seriously questioned. We’re thinking about dropping out.” said Flamurtari Vlorë sporting director, Sinan Idris.

„The whole system is an issue. We would need to change everything, from the scratch, but there is lack of involvement from the federation. Bets should be completely prohibited and there is no other way to strengthen Albianian football.” he added.

This is nothing new and we all know that Albianian football is corrupted, but the example above is just an extreme evidence of how clear and obvious it actually is.

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