'I need football and it needs me' - says Wayne Shaw
1 week ago

Former Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Shaw does not rule out his comeback.

The 45-year-old has become quite popular pretty recently, thanks to great results of Sutton team in FA Cup. They faced Arsenal in the 5th round, and all fans were observing the Sutton's bench - about ten minutes before the end of the match, Shaw decided to... eat.

This little incident turned out to be a joke created by 'The Sun'. Unfortunately, it became a reason for sacking Shaw.

'I would love to come back to Sutton, but they've moved on. They have new goalkeeper and goalkeeper trainer', said Shaw during the interview for 'ITV'.

'Going back on field? You never know. I love football. I've been playing for 32 years. I need it and I think that it needs roly-poly goalies like me. Maybe it was just an impulse. No hard feelings, it is a fantastic club. Now we all need to go on.'

'I did not expect this. I didn't do anything wrong. I'm justa guy with a huge appetite! I made people laugh. That's what it was all about', he added.
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