Yet another transfer ban for FC Barcelona?
1 week ago

FC Barcelona have reportedly bent the transfer law concerning youngsters once again.

The Catalan scouts continuosly travel around the globe to find young prospects. Quite recently, they have observed the 10 years old Manu from Gremio who is described as one of the most promising football talents in his country.

Brasilian team executives are aware of that and decided to create 'special priviliges'. That did not stop Barcelona from negotiating the possibility of organising tests in famous La Masia. The 'Tricolor' board agreed to that under few conditions - one of them being his returning to Brasil within the prescribed period.

However, this deadline has passed and Manu is still outside his homeland. Gremio is afraid that he was illegally contracted by the Catalan club and thinks about making complaint to FIFA. If the accusations are right, the team from Nou Camp may face another transfer ban.

In 2014 FC Barcelona was punished with 1-year-ban for illegal buying of NINE young players from outside the Spain.
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