'I would not let them go', claims Mourinho
1 week ago

Jose Mourinho shared his views on his first days of managing Manchester United.

The Red Devils won yesterday's game over Rostov and the final result was 1-0, thanks to Mata's goal. This victory secured them place in the next stage of UEFA Europa League.

BBC have published the long interview with Portugese coach before the match mentioned above. He decided to defend Paul Pogba and praise Zlatan Ibrahimovic's performance.

However, the most interesting quotation is concerning what happened after 54-year-old took over the Manchester team. Mourinho criticized the decisions of Louis van Gaal, the previous manager of the Devils.

'I would not sell Di Maria, Welbeck and Chicharito. Not an option', stated The Chosen One. 'When I first came to Manchester, I spotted a sad club. A club which was abandoned by players who weren't supposed to do so. A club who has bought players which I would not', he added.
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