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OFFICIAL: Serious penalties for divers in the Premier League!

12 months ago

From the new season in the Premier League there will be possibility to punish the player for simulating during the match.

The league is keeping tabs on the changes that will be introduced in the new Premier League season, which will start next week. At the opening Arsenal will take on former England champions, Leicester City. It has been previously reported that custom pitch patterns will be forbidden, fonts and colors will also change for numbers and names on jerseys. The latest and probably the most important regulation will allow the punishment of divers.

A player whose actions will be considered as a simulation will be suspended for two games. The material will be reviewed on Monday by a special committee created for this purpose, and each guilty party will weaken the team for two matches. The team that will rule on the foul will be the formed by former referee, former coach and former footballer.

The Football Association will be able to impose a suspension only when all three will vote unanimously. Also, if a player is found guilty or confessed to "diving", the yellow or red card applied to the opponent can be canceled.
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