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From Milan to Monaco?!

12 months ago

Agent of Carlos Bacca, Sergio Barila, confirmed that AS Monaco representatives have contacted him.

The departure of the Colombian from Milan has been settled for some time now. The striker, like Jose Sosa and Gabriel Paletta, has been included on the transfer list and the question remains in which club he will eventually find employment.

Barila has already indicated that his client takes into account mainly two options - (after all) continuing the game in Milan and returning to Sevilla, from which in 2015 he moved to Milan. However, there are indications that the French champions are also willing to work with him.

"They called me. They were asking about his situation, asking for information about the player," Barila admitted.

Bacca cost Milan 30 million euros and the Rossoneris would certainly like to recover at least a part of that amount. As for the previous season, he recorded 13 goals and five assists in Serie A.

Recall that he was recently joined with another French club - Olympique Marseille.
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