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Chelsea player confirms: I spoke with Manchester United

12 months ago

Willian has confirmed that Jose Mourinho tried to buy him to Manchester United.

When the Portuguese embraced the Red Devils last year, the British media wrote about his transfer plans including several Chelsea players. First of all they mentioned Brazilian and Nemanja Matic.

The priority was the winger, for which the Old Trafford club sent bids, beginning the negotiations with Chelsea. The Londoners did not want to hear about the departure of their player, even more so to one of the most dangerous rivals.

Willian was ready to change the environment and admitted that he had a conversation with Mourinho on the matter. He has, however, respected the decision of his employers, as he feels good in the capital. In the conversation with, he also pointed out the difference between the former manager of "The Blues" and Antonio Conte.

"Jose and I are friends. He likes me very much, just like I like him. I'm talking about him here as a trainer, but also as a human being."

"Manchester came to me and talked to my agent. Chelsea did not, however, intend to make any negotiation on my behalf, which I understand. I'm happy here."

"Jose and Antonio are different, though both are great in their profession. Mourinho is more focused on practice. He is interested in possession of the ball and in training he loves to play in a small space. Conte relies on physical and tactical preparation."
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