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CONFIRMED: Departure of RB Leipzig star is possible!

12 months ago

Although Naby Keïta will remain at RB Leipzig for next season, his departure after the campaign seems very possible.

Until recently, Guinea international was wanted by Liverpool, who presented at least three offers to the vice-champions of Germany. The last one - the most attractive financially - was worth 75 million euros. However, it turned out to be insufficient.

"Bulls" decided to be consistent and made the announcement that none of the basic players will leave the club this summer. The English have withdrew their efforts and all indications are that the 22-year-old will not only start the next season in the same colors, but will play the entire campaign in the Bundesliga.

It may be possible, however, that this will be the last year he spends in Leipzig. In talking to Bild, Ralf Rangnick said that stopping him again could prove to be too difficult, even more so by a certain clause in the contract. The departure clause, which will come into force next summer, is €50 million.

"In the next season, in theory, there are chances to transfer Naby. I suspect that now in the Champions League he will confirm his great skills and a great queue will be set for him. That's why I know how hard it will be to stop him."

"A clause of 50 million? We are worried and afraid that we cannot do anything about it. I always said that if a player develops faster than a club, he will just leave. The most important thing now is that he will play for us next season."
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