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OFFICIAL: New club of Medel

12 months ago

Beşiktaş have confirmed the acquisition of Gary Medel.

Moving of Chilean has been loud for a long time. New Inter coach Luciano Spalletti has informed the club a few months ago that he will not need some players in the coming season, including Medel. Until recently it seemed that the 30-year-old will return to Boca Juniors, but it turns out that he will remain in Europe.

The transfer of defender has been officially announced by the "Black Eagles", who posted a feature film on their social networks. The details of the operation are not known, but are closely revealed by the well-known Italian journalist, Gianluca Di Marzio. The clubs were to set up at the last meeting that the player would move to Istanbul for three million euros. To this "Nerazzurris" secured themselves a percentage of the amount from the next transfer of the player.

The terms of the player's contract have not been confirmed yet. Medel is most likely to sign a three-year contract under which he will make €2.3 million a year.
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