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Di Marzio: The newest offer for Mbappé. Monaco have reacted!

12 months ago

Paris Saint-Germain have sent a new offer for Kylian Mbappé.

Gianluca Di Marzio reported that the club presented AS Monaco with the newest offer for France international. It is worth 155 million euros.

Although the striker is only 18 years old, so much money turns out to be too small. National champions demand 200 million, including bonuses. So far it is not known whether the sheiks are willing to pay so much.

Nevertheless, yesterday's speculation is confirmed that it is now PSG that is the main favorite to buy Mbappé. Also interesting is the father of the competitor, who represents him as an agent. He also counts on better financial terms from the Qatari owners.

Meanwhile, "L'Equipe" inform that the star prefers to actually move to the capital. The influence of Neymar, with whom the French would like to play in one team, is to be crucial. The chances of Real Madrid signing the AS Monaco trainee are becoming smaller.
Gianluca Di Marzio
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