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OFFICIAL: Barcelona's statement

10 months ago

Barcelona have responded to the application for a vote of no-confidence issued against president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the club's board by one of its members, Agusti Benedito, on Friday.

Issuing a statement on the club's official website, Barca vice-president of the social area, Jordi Cardoner, said:

"Now is not the right time to do it, and for our part we believe that these type of events are more suited to the end of season, when an evaluation, both sporting and of the board, can be made and not when competition has just begun.

"I am pleased to say that members, who are the owners of this organisation, can bring about actions such as the one began today Friday."

The statement also detailed the exact requirements needed to trigger such a vote. Benedito called for a vote aimed at forcing the resignation of the incumbent president, per ESPN FC's Sam Marsden.

Under the terms of the proposed vote, "Barca now have five working days to facilitate the papers and Benedito will then have 14 working days to gather the signatures of 15 percent of the club's members, which he estimates is around 16,500 people," per Marsden.

However, the information provided in the club's statement calls for a more exact number of 16,570 eligible voters. In addition, Barca has shown an eagerness to do its part to help a vote take place by making available "33,140 forms, double what is necessary," per the club statement.
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