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Transfer revolution also in Italy? Milan director: 'That's frustrating!'

10 months ago

Milan sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli is “very much in favour” of moving the transfer deadline to before the Serie A season starts.

Today the English Premier League announced that next summer’s window will close before the season starts, with Juventus, Roma and Torino all coming out in favour of a similar approach in Italy.

“I’m very much in favour of it,” Mirabelli told Premium Sport.

“Honestly the transfer window is too long and it causes problems for Coaches who are already playing official matches. It’s fair to limit the time of the transfer window.

“Right now we get to August 31 with a lot of games already played and you can’t work very well with certain players who know they could change teams.

“I don’t consider it the right time for the transfer window, all clubs - including us - have had their problems with the behaviour of players or agents.

“It’s right for the transfer window to be shorter, and I’d note that even in January a month is too much.

“I’d like to see a window in the middle of the season when the leagues are stopped for their winter break.

“Having such a long transfer window is an irritation, so I’d stop it a week or even 10 days before the start of official games, because sometimes you can end up in embarrassing situations.”

Mirabelli was also asked about Jose Sosa, who is thought to be close to joining Trabzonspor.

“We’re discussing him going to Turkey but nothing is defined yet. It’s not great considering we’re preparing for the Lazio game and the player is training with the squad.”
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