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These are the earnings of Serie A footballers!

10 months ago

Like every year, "La Gazzetta dello Sport" revealed the earnings of the top Italian league footballers.

Inside the information from Italian newspapers can be found, among other things, players who are league croesuses. The most money, 7.5 million euros per year, is credited to Leonardo Bonucci's account of Milan and Gonzalo Higuaín of Juventus. The Argentinian was at the top of the list just a year ago, but Italian joined him only after a sensational transfer from Juventus.

Bonucci's release in case of salary is currently being transferred to Wojciech Szczęsny's account, who received 3.5 million euros per year in the "Old Lady" team. Identical conditions, that are present in the case of Polish goalkeeper, receives Blaise Matuidi. But Douglas Costa, who moved to Turin from Munich, will now earn 6 million, making him the third best paid club player. Immediately behind the back of Higuain and Paulo Dybala (7 million euros).

Five clubs who spend the most money on salaries:

1. Juventus 164 million euros (most Gonzalo Higuaín - 7.5 million euros)
2. Milan 117 million euros (most Leonardo Bonucci - 7.5 million euros)
3. Roma 91 million euros (most Edin Džeko - 4.5 million euros)
4. Inter 82 million euros (most Mauro Icardi - 4.5 million euros)
5. Napoli 81 million euros (most Lorenzo Insigne - 3.6 million euros)
La Gazzetta dello Sport
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