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'That's not why Bonucci left Juventus!'

11 months ago

Leonardo Bonucci’s wife, Martina, insists he didn’t leave Juventus “due to an argument with Max Allegri” and admits it’s “strange” to see him as Milan captain.

The centre-back publicly rowed with the Bianconeri Coach last season, and was dropped for the Champions League Last 16 clash at Porto.

Bonucci then joined rivals Milan in a €40m deal, but his wife says it wasn’t simply due to problems with the Coach.

“His decision wasn’t due to an argument with Max Allegri,” Martina Maccari said on Rai Radio 1.

“In a professional setting, I think balance between all parties is fundamental. Leonardo chose to leave because of the vicissitudes within the environment, but now he’s calm and giving his all for this new adventure.

“Bonucci as Milan captain? I won’t hide it, I’m not used to it yet and maybe he isn’t either. He chose to come to Milan completely autonomously though, I just stood by him as a good wife has to do.

“At least there won’t be a derby in the family any more [son Lorenzo, five, is a big fan of Torino and Andrea Belotti]. Sometimes Leonardo and Andrea meet in the centre of Turin.”
Rai Radio 1
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