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Technology in football? Yes, but without exaggeration

5 years ago

New technologies in football are becoming more and more important. But do we definitely want its omnipresence in our beloved sport?

There are some new technologies which are being still developed, but many of facilities have been already introduced to football. Almost every sport discipline has its own tools to help competitiveness to be kept. 

Technology in tennis, American football and cricket has been put into practice and, if I am not wrong, spectators love it and they are really glad about its proper work. But there is one question: If we have many new technology solutions in football now, is there any threat they would become omnipresent in football world in the future?

The major change is of course goal line technology, which helps referees with their job and provides an answer in difficult cases connected with goals. In almost every situation TV replies were able to prove the truth – whether the ball passed over the goal line or not? In many matches controversy like this had decided about the final result and spectators were very disappointed about their favorite team failure.

But on the other hand this is the beauty of football. Controversy. Without it there would be no surprises, and that is one of the main factors why I love this game. Why stronger, better and richer teams always have to win matches? Football is a competition and competition needs to be interesting. 

There is more controversial elements which can be solved thanks to technology. And many of them are connected with referee’s duties. We often have situations when players are helping themselves by using a hand. Sometimes, as a result of that kind of operation, they score goals.

History knows many matches when top players scored goals in a miraculously way. Everyone surely has seen “The Hand Of the God Goal” by Diego Maradona. TV replies obviously proved it was not his head creation, but nevertheless the goal was numbered and England was out of the World Cup. Diego’s justification was very short but also deep. And that is how the history of football was created. 

Better example? Zidane knock-down from 2010 World Cup final match between France and Italy. The main referee did not see anything, but a linesman saw the accident and that is why French legend was sent off. I am pretty convinced if the situation took place 30 years earlier there would not be any punishment for Zidane. Besides, I am not sure if there would be even a free kick. I have to explain: I am not supporting sport injustice, it is only an example of famous situation, which couldn’t have been solved without technology and communication between the referees. But if nobody would be able to notice that, this would become one of the most controversial in football. On the other hand, it has already become one.

Goal line technology probably could have helped Spain and Italy national teams during the 2002 World Cup. It was all about… South Korea. FIFA World Cup hosts were helped to achieve their success, which was fourth place. But earlier Spanish footballers scored twice, they were correct. Italians did the same, but how many goals should be scored to beat South Korea at that tournament? I do not know, but at least more than two in every single match. Italians and Spaniards were able to score only twice in each game.

Technology in football is obviously one of the main factors which can be used to decide about the essential moments on the field. But sometimes all the sweat, sacrifices and turnovers must be changed into a twist in the tale. It is all about emotions, nerves and surprises. And money?! Oh, I have strong hope it is not. 

Written by Krzysztoń Gońka
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