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OPINION: Bielik? The best transfer for everybody!

4 years ago
Bielik (direct translation from Polish: Eagle)

Transfer to Arsenal-level club is the best what can happen to a 17 year-old lad playing professional football, young enough to change certain habits; enough old to be self-aware of the situation.

Fact that Bielik is not afraid of big changes has been already proven. By 2014, he moved from Poznan to Warsaw. He thought that Legia have more to offer for sport and financial reasons. Time has shown that he was not mistaken. Now, using exactly the same arguments, he is moving to London.

Arsenal, of course, can give him a lot more than Lech and Legia together. It really wouldn't matter whether he becomes "Gunners'" star or will only play a few minutes in the League Cup. Experience will be invaluable (and what an impressive entry in his CV!). 

In London he will meet the best coaches, including first team manager Arsene Wenger, with whom he had already had the opportunity to talk. It also demonstrates the approach to a largely unknown talented player. 

With the transfer Bielik will get a chance not only to learn about new training methods but also very important: culture and language, which could really affect his confidence.

Bielik is not expensive for Arsenal. Just an investment which may or may not repay. In case of stronger transfer markets such as i.e. Croatian, English club would have to deal with the expense of two or three times higher. Here is a situation of theoretically more risk, but for less money. Everything is correct.

Legia gaining considerable amount of money for a player they bought in July last year for a sudden 50,000 Polish zlotys, respectively. FIFTY THOUSAND! Assuming the sales amount of 2.4 million pounds and today's conversion rate pound to zloty, it gives this breaking 262-fold. After six months.

It is difficult to predict how Bielik's career would progress at Legia. He could break into the first team, become an Ekstraklasa star. But it could also all go completely different as you can explore the genetic predisposition to assess potential development of the player, but never all the factors are taken into account. 

In addition, by looking at the transfer fee of other Poles leaving the Ekstraklasa, it's hard to believe that someone would pay a significantly higher amount. 

Congratulations to Krystian Bielik, his agent Cezary Kucharski, Legia president Boguslaw Leśnodorski and the whole team behind the move. This is the way to do the business beneficial to all parties.
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