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Former Parma player confessed to a double murder

2 years ago

The big tragedy happened in Italy. Former Parma player, the 21-year-old Solomon Nyantakyi, killed his mother and younger sister.

The drama took place on Tuesday in the suburbs of Parma. The body of 43-year-old mother and 11-year-old sister were discovered by the older brother of the Ghanaian player in the apartment. According to his words, they were all covered in blood.

The 21-year-old himself was detained on Wednesday in Milan. According to media reports, he immediately confessed to guilt. So far, it is not known what prompted him to commit the macabre crime, but it may well be that he has been suffering from depressive disorders for some time.

"From his behavior in Parma youth teams it was possible to conclude that he has some problems. Later, I learned that he was suffering from depression. I invited him to Cuoiopella. He trained for 15 days and then escaped. He explained that he longed for home and family. I am shocked by what has happened," admitted Cristiano Lucarelli, who worked with a young player in Parma.

Nyantakyi has represented Parma colors since 2015, performing in a total of 44 games of the Primavera team. He sat on the bench four times in the Serie A meetings.
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