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 'That's why I left Las Palmas,' Kevin-Prince Boateng explains -
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'That's why I left Las Palmas,' Kevin-Prince Boateng explains

2 years ago

Kevin-Prince Boateng has explained the reasons behind his departure from Las Palmas.

The Canary Islands club unexpectedly announced that the Ghanaian contract was terminated with the agreement of the parties. The decision was surprising as the player refused to being transferred to Valencia a few months ago and signed a new three-year contract with his already former club. It was in Las Palmas that he managed to rebuild the form, but the player admits he had to leave for family reasons.

"I made this decision for my family, which is the most important thing to me. I made the choice as a father and husband, not as a football player, I am not happy away from family. This is a difficult day for me, filled with sadness. I realize that some people find it difficult to understand my decision, but I am responsible for it," Boateng said in a conversation with journalists.

"Las Palmas are, of course, also my family and I cannot rule out the fact that one day I will come back here. This club and this place have given me not only much as a player but also as a person and I will always be grateful for it."

Boateng grew up in Germany. All indications are that he will keep his word and after the termination of the contract with the Spaniards he will go to Bundesliga. During the next few days the midfielder should head to Eintracht Frankfurt.
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