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OFFICIAL: Revolutionary changes in British transfer window!

2 years ago

Premier League authorities have announced a shortening of the summer window on the islands.

Revolutionary changes were first reported by BBC journalists, and now everything has been confirmed by the Premier League executives. Clubs of English Premier League have decided to shorten the summer window and from the next season it will be closed just before the start of the league games.

As for next year, the teams will have the opportunity to strengthen themselves until Thursday, August 9, exactly until 6 PM. As the English emphasize, the change will only affect the Premier League and will not directly affect other games.

PL clubs will be able to sell their players to teams from other leagues and countries all the time. Only the introduction of a similar system in other parts of Europe, which - when looking at reactions to island changes - is not so impossible, may change the situation.

The revolutionary reform is a result of the dissatisfaction of a large number of British club managers due to the weakening of their teams after the start of the season. The change is expected to bring more stability in the early stages of the game.
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