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Donnarumma: 'I will never player for that club!'

2 years ago

Gianluigi Donnarumma was interviewed in Canale 5, when the children were asking questions to him.

The teenager was very popular this summer, especially at the beginning of the transfer window. When problems with the renewal of the contract dragged on, big clubs from all over Europe came to the action and wanted to secure a class-action goalie for the future. Finally, "Gigio" signed a new contract with Milan and was asked by the children participating in the "Chi ha incastrato Peter Pan?" program.

One of the questions concerned the reasons for staying in Milan. The Rossoneri have just started their return to European roulette, while the 18-year-old has been tempted by Real Madrid for the second successive season in the Champions League. He also revealed that there is one club in whose jersey we will never see him in future.

"I stayed here because Milan was my home and I thought it was just the best thing I could have done," Donnarumma said.

"Can I ever go to Inter? Never!"

One of the children confessed to Donnarumma that he and his colleague had started to talk about whether the goalie would play next season in Juventus. Here the response of the Italian was not so firm.

"Transfer to Juventus? No, I still have a four-year contract with Milan."
Canale 5
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