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Podstawski to play for the Polish national team?

2 months ago

Tomás Podstawski spoke about his potential play for the Polish national team in the Liga+ Extra show.

Polish media have repeatedly discussed the possibility of seeing the defensive midfielder of Pogoń Szczecin in white and red colors. The 24-year-old himself has so far avoided any declarations, but on Sunday he admitted that if he received a call from head coach Jerzy Brzęczek, he would accept his offer.

"You cannot do anything forcefully in life. My mother is Portuguese, my dad is Polish. I was born in Portugal, but I love Poland too. Now for the first time, I live here permanently. Previously, I was in Poland only during the holidays."

"I could not play for both countries. Being in FC Porto, I decided to choose Portugal. Now? Every player dreams of performing in the national team. Who would not want to play there? I am not an exception in this regard."

"If the head coach calls me, I would not deny him. I have that right. There is Polish blood in my veins as well," said Podstawski.

In the current season, Podstawski played in 17 games in Ekstraklasa. He managed to score one goal during that time.
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