The man who used to play football, and now he helps during the exorcisms: "She outmatched five men" | English
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The man who used to play football, and now he helps during the exorcisms: "She outmatched five men"

2 months ago

Sebastian Szałachowski talked about what he did after finishing his football career in an interview for Przegląd Sportowy.

The 35-year-old has 170 appearances and 31 goals in Polish Ekstraklasa. He recorded most of them in the colors of Legia Warsaw, with which he reached for the championship and the Polish Cup. He hung the boots in 2015, playing in Górnik Łęczna. Already after that, he entered a rather unprecedented journey when it comes to former footballers. Szałachowski was a member of the Order of the Family of the Heart of Crucified Love in Lublin and helped Father Radomir Kryński during exorcisms.

In a conversation with Iza Koprowiak of Przegląd Sportowy, the former player talked about them a bit.

"The first person was a woman possessed by Satan. I felt a little nervous, but it was interspersed with peace. I had theoretical knowledge of how to proceed, but I did not expect certain events. I saw that evil is real, very strong. During the ritual, such a person changes. You see another face, full of anger, hostility. The eyes change, the face becomes inhuman. Her voice was masculine, she suddenly started to get up, she had such strength that we could not stop her. She outmatched five adult men."

"... During exorcisms, I was given spiritual gifts, like the gift of tongues, which is essential in this prayer. The heart is filled with inspiration that makes me speak foreign languages."

"... I did not see anything extreme, maybe that's good, because I'm probably too sensitive, but I heard from a friend who helps another priest that some people spit out pentagrams, nails. He has a whole container of those. At one time, one person vomited something black, like a pitch," said Szałachowski.
Przegląd Sportowy
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