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Szczęsny: It is normal for Cristiano Ronaldo

month ago

Wojciech Szczęsny, Juventus goalkeeper, was interviewed in Polish tv after the match with Atletico in the Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo scored hat-trick. The hosts won 3-0 and have qualified to quarter-finals.

Szczęsny spoke with Polsat Sport Premium 1 reporter, Marcin Feddek.

- Juventus have never done such come back? Maybe because they had never had Ronaldo before. Now you can be smart, but it must have been written somewhere that Ronaldo, who has scored one goal in this Champions League season before, will score three times in the crucial moment. For us this is something special, for him - probably normal.

- I did not see well that anulled goal, but I'm goalkeeper - I always try to defend goalkeepers so I think there was a foul. Such moments help to build energy in the stadium. Even cancelled goal gives you some energy and faith, that you can use in the match. This faith give us so much tonight.

- We played a bit risky, very high. Emre Can was one of three defenders today, he had to play ball from behind. We wanted to crush them and react quickly after losing the ball so they couldn't counterattack us. We know that this is their big strength. We wanted to provoke them. After winning the ball, they were kicking it to us. It seems easy, but Chiellini, Bonucci and Emre Can had a really great game, playing so high. This allowed us to play the match mostly on their half of the pitch.
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